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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Hinges | Blumotion for Hinges

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970.1002BLUMOTION for Doors, Handle Side£0.96
970.1201BLUMOTION Inline Adapter Plate£0.19
970.1501BLUMOTION Cruciform Adapter Plate£0.13
970.15E1BLUMOTION Cruciform Adapter Plate£0.22
970.2501BLUMOTION Cruciform Double Adapter£0.38
970.5201BLUMOTION Inline Adapter Plate£0.48
970.5501BLUMOTION Cruciform Adapter Plate£0.42
970.A1002BLUMOTION Side Hinge for Doors£1.11
HI70T3507.21Blumotion Clip Top Spacer RingFrom £0.25
HI971A0200BLUMOTION 971AFrom £2.10
HI973A0500BLUMOTION 973A for Clip-On Hinges£1.17
HI973A0600BLUMOTION 973A for Clip-On Hinges£1.69
HI973A0700BLUMOTION 973A for Inset Hinges£1.79
HI973A6000BLUMOTION 973A for 170° Brackets£1.82
HI973A7360BLUMOTION 973A for +30° II£2.96
HI973A7480BLUMOTION 973A for +45° II£2.96
HI973A7680BLUMOTION 973A for +45° II£2.96

Nobody likes the sound of slamming doors, but in a busy kitchen it's often an all-too familiar sound. Well, it doesn't have to be - with the Blumotion hinge adapter from Blum, you can add soft close technology to your existing cupboard or cabinet door, if you have blum hinges fitted.

Blumotion technology uses fluid dampening technology to help doors close softly and silently, responding to the level of force used so that you never have to endure a slammed door again. The Blumotion hinge adapter is easily fitted to existing cabinets, with a flexible range of options so that you can choose the most suitable one for any application.

Blumotion is a very flexible technology and surprisingly easy to install, suitable even for angled cabinets and cupboards so that you can offer ergonomically friendly soft-closing doors in even the most unusually shaped cabinet. Combined with our fantastic selection of Blum hinges in a full range of angles and including Inserta, Cliptop and other styles, you'll have everything you need right here at your fingertips.

Here at Hart Wholesale we provide a wide range of supplies to the hardware and manufacturing trades, all at excellent wholesale prices, making it easy for you to complete any project with the highest standard fixtures and fittings at great prices. We aim to be a one-stop shop for the trade, with everything you need from fixtures and fittings to tools and packaging, delivered promptly to help you run your business smoothly.

For more information on the Blumotion hinge adapter or any of the products shown on our website, please get in touch with our team. They'll be happy to advise you on the most suitable products for your particular needs, or even to help you source specific items that aren't shown on our site.