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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Hinges | Blumotion Hinges

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HI71T7530NBLUMOTION Clip ZeroProtrusion Hinge£3.40
HI75B1550BLUM Clip Top Standard Hinge 107° £2.19
HI70T7500NTLMBClip O/lay Hinge 155° 0 Protrusion £3.40
HI71B3550BLUMOTION Clip Overlay Hinge 110° £2.12
HI71B3580BLUMOTION Clip Overlay Hinge 110° £2.19
HI71B3590BLUMOTION Clip Overlay Hinge 110° £2.61
HI71B3650BLUMOTION Clip ½Overlay Hinge 110° £2.27
HI71B3750BLUMOTION Clip Inset Hinge 110° £2.30
HI71B3780BLUMOTION Clip Inset Hinge 110° £2.37
HI71B3790BLUMOTION Clip Inset Hinge 110° £2.79
HI71B9550BLUMOTION Clip Screw-On Hinge 95° £2.57
HI71B9650BLUMOTION Clip Screw-On Hinge 95° £2.78
HI71B9750BLUMOTION Clip Inset Hinge 95° £2.81
HI71T3590BLUMOTION Clip Inserta Hinge 110° £1.55
HI71T3650BLUMOTION Clip ½Overlay Hinge 110° £1.28
HI71T3750BLUMOTION Clip Inset Hinge 110° £1.30
HI71T7600NBLUMOTION Clip ZeroProtrusion Hinge £4.32
HI71T7640NBLUMOTION Clip ZeroProtrusion Hinge £4.84
HI79B3558BLUMOTION Clip Top Hinge 45°|| £3.14
HI79B3598BLUMOTION Clip Top Hinge 45°|| £3.63
HI79B955BLUMOTION Blind Corner Hinge 95° £2.84
HI79B9556BLUMOTION +30°|| standard £3.23
HI79B9658BLUMOTION Clip Top Hinge 45°| £3.23
HI71B3690BLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110° £2.83
HI71B950ABLUM CLIP Top Frame Hinge 95° £4.15
HI71B9580BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95° £2.57
HI71B9590BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95° £3.12
HI71B960ABLUM CLIP Top Frame Hinge 95° £4.31
HI71B9680BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95° £2.85
HI71B9690BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95° £3.27
HI71B970ABLUM CLIP Top Frame Hinge 95° £4.34
HI71B9780BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95° £2.88
HI79B3450BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge -45° ||| £3.23
HI79B3451BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge -30° ||| £3.23
HI79B3453BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge -15° ||| £3.23
HI79B9454BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge +15° ||| £3.23
HI79B9456BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge +30° ||| £3.23
HI79B9458BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge +45° ||| £3.23
HI79B9555BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge +20° || £3.23
HI79B9580BLUM CLIP Top Blind Hinge 95° £2.91
HI79B9590BLUM CLIP Top Blind Hinge 95° £3.33
HI79B9595BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge +20° || £3.74
HI79B9596BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge +30° || £3.74
HI79B9698BLUM CLIP Top Angled Hinge +45° | £3.74
HI79B9950BLUM CLIP Top Blind Hinge 95° £4.84
HI79B9990BLUM CLIP Top Blind Hinge 95° £5.27
HI71T7500DBLUMOTION Clip wide angle £4.62
HI71T7500BLUMOTION Clip ZeroProtrusion Hinge£3.40
HI79B9980BLUM CLIP Top Blind Hinge 95°£4.85

When designing a kitchen, or indeed furniture for any room, it is important to consider a variety of ergonomic factors to create a desirable and practical end product. Soft-closing technology is one such ergonomic advance that is easy to add to your projects simply by using the right hinges.

BLUMOTION hinges from Blum use innovative technology to create a more harmonious and user friendly environment. With Blum Blumotion hinges installed, any door can close silently and gracefully in one easy motion - meaning no more slammed cabinet doors.

The Blum Blumotion hinge features an improved pivot to offer new planning options, making it even easier to integrate into your projects. With soft-close technology integrated into the boss of the Blum Blumotion hinge, it's a compact and practical solution which even copes with thicker door depths.

Here at Hart Wholesale we are happy to be able to offer a wide range of Blum Blumotion hinges including:

  • 110° standard hinge with different cranked hinge arms
  • 95° profile door hinge for thicker door depths.
  • Blind corner hinges
  • Angled applications from -50° to +50°
  • Alu frame hinges
  • 155° wide angle hinge

With this extensive range, you'll find it easy to source the right Blum Blumotion hinge for any design, and to fit in any space, and because we offer very reasonable wholesale prices you'll find that it's not only easy to offer Blumotion soft closing technology but also affordable.

For more information on our range of Blum Blumotion hinges or any of the other products featured on our website, get in touch with us today. Don't forget to browse the rest of the site for all the other tools, products and parts that you need for your next project, and let us know if there's something specific you're looking for that you don't see online.