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Z700320BLUMOTION For Metabox Systems £3.06
T601125WTip-On Blumotion Synchro Linkage £118.72
T60300DTip-On Blumotion Synchro One-Part £57.69
JIG6008Tip-On Blumotion Front Gap Template £2.85
Z7051EOBLUMOTION Tandem Box£10.45
DR57945BLUMOTION Tandembox 50kg Runner£8.38
DR57945RBLUMOTION Tandembox 50kg Runner£8.38
DR579500LBLUMOTION Tandembox 50kg Runner£8.43
DR579500RBLUMOTION Tandembox 50kg Runner£8.43
DR55645BLUMOTION Tandembox 65kg RunnerFrom £11.08
T60L7040Tip-On Blumotion Unit and LatchFrom £251.24
T703150BLUMOTION for Wood DrawersFrom £8.61
DR55855BLUMOTION Tandembox 30kg RunnerFrom £6.06
DR576550PRBLUMOTION Tandembox 50kg Runner£18.97
DR576650PRBLUMOTION Tandembox 50kg Runner£22.12

Blum Blumotion from Hart Wholesale

Blum Blumotion is an innovative system that prevents drawers from being slammed shut; the adaptive cushioning system means that however hard you may push the drawer it will always come to a soft close. With Blum Blumotion drawer runners, you can always close the drawer effortlessly, with no loud noises and no unnecessary rattling of the contents. This is ideal for any busy kitchen, helping the user to move about their tasks quickly and freely. 

An Effective System

Whether you’re creating a brand new kitchen or simply making improvements to an existing one, Blum Blumotion is an effective system which improves the ergonomic function of the kitchen. Instead of struggling with stiff or heavy drawers, this system gives universally smooth motion with a range of practical features, and is surprisingly easy to install.

Simple to Install

We stock a selection of Blum Blumotion drawer runners for different types of drawers including Tandembox, traditional wooden drawers, Metabox systems and more, making it simple for you to add the desirable soft-close feature to any kind of drawer.

Lifetime Guarantee

As with all Blum products, the Blum Blumotion drawer runners come with a lifetime guarantee, and with Blum’s reputation for high quality design and engineering functionality, you can be sure that you are providing the best possible product at excellent prices.

The whole blum range, including Blum Blumotion, comes with a “lifetime guarantee” which will be honoured throughout the world. This means you can purchase any blum product with complete confidence.

Specialist Stockists

Here at Hart Wholesale, we are a specialist Blum stockist, so we can offer you an extensive range of drawer runners, hinges and other Blum products at great prices and with our usual reliable, fast delivery to help you complete every project on time.

For more details, including sizing information, simply click on the product image or contact our helpful team on 01702 614044.