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HI70T3590TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.61
HI70T3690TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.76
HI70T3790TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.79
HI70T5590BTLBLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 120°£1.61
HI70T6640BBLUM CLIP Top Wide Angle Hinge 170°£4.40
HI70T7540NT1BLUM CLIP Top Wide Angle Hinge 155°£4.13
HI71B9790BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95°£3.29
HI71M2690BBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 100°£1.37
HI71M2790BBLUM Clip Top Inset Hinge 100°£1.38
HI71T3690BLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.76
HI71T3790BLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.79
HI71T5590BBLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 120°£1.54
HI71T5690BLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 120°£1.76
HI71T6540BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 170°£3.43
HI71T6640BBLUM CLIP Top Wide Angle Hinge 170°£4.40
HI71T7540N01BLUM CLIP Top Wide Angle Hinge 155°£4.07
HI71T7640N01BLUM CLIP Top Wide Angle Hinge 155°£3.39
HI71T9690BBLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95°£2.00
HI71T9790BBLUM Clip Overlay Profile Hinge 95°£2.03
HI74T1790BLUM Clip Top Inset Hinge 107°£1.52
HI751790BLUM Clip Top Inserta Hinge 107°£1.46
HI75T1590BBLUM Clip Top Inserta Hinge 107°£1.28
HI75T1690BBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 107°£1.43
HI79A5415TBLUM Clip Top Angle Hinge -30° |||£1.83
HI79A5493BTBLUM Clip Top Angle Hinge -15° |||£2.31
HI79A9494BTBLUM Clip Angle Olay Hinge +15° |||£2.36
HI79A9496BTBLUM Clip Angle Ovlay Hinge +30°|||£2.36
HI79A9498REABLUM Clip Angle Ovlay Hinge +45°|||£2.36
HI79A9596BTBLUM Clip Angle Ovlay Hinge +30° ||£2.36
HI79A9698BTBLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge +45° |£2.36
HI79T5590BBLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge +45° ||£2.36
HI71T9590BLUM Clip Overlay Profile Hinge 95° £89.24

Blum Inserta hinges are a fantastically easy option, offering quick tool-free installation and a great finish every time. Recommended for face frame applications, they can be installed without the need for tools, making them perfect for quick on-site use. The Blum Inserta hinge is a favourite of many cabinet makers, because they offer all the benefits of the Blum Cliptop range and are exceptionally straightforward to use.

Fitting a Blum Inserta hinge is very simple - with a pre-bored door, all you need to do is snap the cap down to expand the gripper arms in the centre hole, creating a firm connection.  With only finger pressure needed, there's never been an easier or quicker hinge to fit!

Here at Hart Wholesale, we have a great selection of Blum Inserta hinges covering a wide range of angles, and in a range of styles including inset, overlay and standard, so you'll always be able to find the most suitable Blum inserta hinge for your project's particular requirements. 

As with all of our products, we provide great wholesale prices to our customers in the manufacturing and hardware trades, with online payment available to UK customers.  Don't forget to browse the rest of our site for any other fittings, fixtures, tools or accessories that you may need for your project - we offer a wide range of supplies and can even endeavour to find particular products if you can't see what you're looking for.

For more information on our range of Blum Inserta hinges, or if you'd like to speak to us about any of the products that you have seen on our site, please contact our friendly, helpful and professional team on 01702 614044. We're always happy to advise!