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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Hinges | Knock In Hinges

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HI70T5580BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 120° £1.14
HI71M258BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 100° £0.76
HI71T6580BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 170° £2.40
HI75T158BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 107° £0.83
HI75T158EBLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 107° £1.01
HI75T1680BLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 107° £0.97
HI75T168EBLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 107° £0.97
HI75T1780BLUM Clip Top Inset Hinge 107° £1.00
HI70M2580TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 100° £0.83
HI70M2780TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 100° £0.97
HI70T7600NTLBLUM CLIP Top Wide Angle Hinge 155° £4.08
HI71T6680BLUM CLIP Top Wide Angle Hinge 170° £3.33
HI71T9680BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95° £2.73
HI71T9780BLUM CLIP Top Profile Hinge 95° £1.56
HI79T8530BLUM CLIP Top Corner Hinge 60° £2.84

Here at Hart Wholesale, we offer a great range of high-quality products at excellent wholesale products to make it easy for you to complete any project quickly and affordably. On this page you'll find our selection of Blum knock in hinges, designed for easy and quick installation in cabinets and cupboards.

Available in a variety of styles and angles, our range of Blum knock in hinges makes it easy for you to find the most suitable option for any cupboard or cabinet, even in the most unusually shaped units. Combined with our other Blum hinges and accessories, we're sure that you'll find everything you need here.

Blum have been offering high quality, innovative products for over sixty years and are a well known and respected brand. They are engineered to the very highest standards and designed to last a lifetime, making them a much sought-after and respected brand. The company are so sure of their products, blum offers a free lifetime guarantee on all their hinges and drawer runners.

We aim to source only the best quality products for our customer, so that you can be assured of the perfect finish at the best possible prices. As specialist suppliers to the hardware and manufacturing trades, we are able to provide a wide range of products from large fixtures and fittings down to the little things like nails and screws. We have a vast range of products shown here on our website, but with a comprehensive supplier list we are also able to source particular products on request.

For more information on our range of Blum knock in hinges or any other products shown on our site, for details on our payment and delivery policies or to make an order, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 01702 614044.