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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Hinges | Other Hinges

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HI3336HBLUM Face Fit Compact HingeFrom £1.81
BR295Renovare RehangFrom £6.88
BR296Repair Plate for Door£4.24
HI1297Blum Easy Fit, Hinge System£33.84
HI1297ABlum Easy Fit, Hinge System, Single£20.35
HI1297BBlum Easy Fit, Fridge/Freezer Kit£56.00
HI1297CBlum Easy Fit, Microwave Door Kit£60.80
HI1297EBlum Easy Fit, Door Mechanism£26.40
HI3346PBLUM Face Fit Compact Hinge Plate £0.32
HI79T8500BLUM Corner Cabinet Bi-Fold Hinge £2.77
HI79T955BLUM Blind Corner Hinge 95° £1.51
HI79T9590BBLUM Blind Corner Inserter Hinge £1.98
HI3336Blum Face Fit Compact Hinge £2.16

One of the most important components in any cabinet or unit is the hinge; they may not be noticeable but they are vital! Alongside standard hinges of classic design, designers and manufacturers can now choose from a range of technologically advanced hinges which incorporate advances like soft-touch closing, and a variety of different hinges to suit very particular needs.

Here at Hart Wholesale, we not only stock innovative Blumotion hinges but also a wide range of other products from this ingenious and pioneering company, including Blum cabinet hinges and Blum door hinges. Whatever  your project, we're sure that you'll be able to find the right parts here on our website - and if you don't, simply get in touch with our team and we'll do our best to source it for you.

In this section you'll find a variety of Blum door hinges and Blum cabinet hinges which complement our other selections. From compact hinges to microwave door kits, you'll find plenty of choice to help you complete any project.

We stock hinges specifically designed for bi-fold cabinet doors, as well as hinges for blind corner installation and easy fit hinges. Don't forget, of course, that we also provide an array of tools, screws and fixings to make us your one-stop shop for everything you need. You can browse through our products online and buy quickly and easily, with online payments available to UK customers.

For more information on Blum cabinet hinges, Blum door hinges, or any of the other products featured on our site, get in touch with us on 01702 614044 and a member of team will be happy to help.