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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Hinges | Screw Fitting Hinges

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HI1275FGV Clip-On 110° Hinge£143.84
HI70T3550TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.12
HI70T3650TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.27
HI70T3750TLBLUM CLIP Top Standard Hinge 110°£1.30
HI71M2650BLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 100°From £212.82
HI71T0550BLUM Clip Top Overlay Mini-Hinge£2.03
HI71T0650BLUM CLIP Top Mini Hinge 94°£2.16
HI71T0750BLUM CLIP Top Mini Hinge 94°£2.16
HI71T3550BLUMOTION Clip Overlay Hinge 110°£1.05
HI71T550BLUM Clip Ovlay Standard Hinge 120°£1.05
HI71T5580BLUM Clip Ovlay Standard Hinge 120°£1.12
HI71T5650BLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 120°£1.27
HI71T655BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 170°£2.43
HI71T6650BLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 170°£3.39
HI71T9550BLUM Clip Overlay Profile Hinge 95°£1.30
HI71T9650BLUM Clip ½Ovrlay Profile Hinge 95°£1.52
HI71T970ABLUM CLIP Top Frame Hinge 95°£2.03
HI71T975BLUM Clip Inset Profile Hinge 95°£1.55
HI73T555BLUM Over Thick Carcase Hinge 120°£1.12
HI75T155BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 107°£0.79
HI75T165BLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 107°£0.94
HI75T175BLUM Clip Top Inset Hinge 107°£0.97
HI7125PBLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 100° £41.80
HI7126BLUM Clip Top ½Overlay Hinge 100° £66.20
HI7127BLUM Clip Top Inset Hinge 100° £66.54
HI71M255BLUM Clip Top Overlay Hinge 100° £178.40
HI71M2750BLUM Clip Top Inset Hinge 100° £214.62

If you're looking for Blum screw fitting hinges then you're in the right place - here at Hart Wholesale we have an extensive range in a variety of angles, making it simple for you to find the right hinge for any project.

Simple to attach, secure in use and with a flexible adjustment system to ensure that there are no gaps, these hinges are an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need a mini hinge, an overlay hinge or an inset hinge, you'll have all the choice you need to meet all your requirements.

Blum hinges can also be combined with Blumotion hinge adapters, angle stop clips and other accessories to give you exactly the finish and function that you need. From ergonomic function to fit for unusually shaped units, this flexible and versatile brand makes an excellent choice.

Blum are a highly sought after brand with a reputation for excellence - their products are designed, engineered and tested for long-lasting reliability, making their hinges a favourite of cabinetmakers.  As specialist suppliers to the manufacturing and hardware trades, we are able to offer Blum screw fitting hinges and other products to our customers at excellent wholesale prices, helping you to keep your prices low and your quality high.

Don't forget to browse the rest of our site for any other products you may need - from fittings and fixtures to full units and even tools, we can supply a vast range of products promptly and affordably to help you finish every project on time and on budget.

For more information on our products, including Blum screw fitting hinges, Blumotion hinges and more, please call our sales team on 01702 614044.