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Hart Wholesale | BLUM Hinges | Slide On Hinges

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HI9025BLUM MODUL Overlay Hinge 100° £0.56
HI9125BLUM MODUL Overlay Hinge 100° £1.09
HI9125OBLUM MODUL Overlay Hinge 100° £0.49
HI9126BLUM MODUL ½Overlay Hinge 100° £1.24
HI9126HBLUM MODUL ½Overlay Hinge 100° £0.63
HI9166BLUM MODUL ½Overlay Hinge 170° £2.06
HI91K9550BLUM MODUL Overlay Fridge Hinge 95° £1.44
HI91M27BLUM MODUL Inset Hinge 100° £0.64
HI91M27CBLUM MODUL Inset Hinge 100° £1.24
HI91M27PBLUM MODUL Inset Hinge 100° £0.89
HI91M65BLUM MODUL Overlay Hinge 170° £1.56
HI91M65EBBLUM MODUL ½Overlay Hinge 170° £1.29
HI95155BLUM MODUL Standard Hinge 107° £0.54
HI9995BLUM MODUL Inset Blind Corner Hinge £1.78
HI9065BLUM MODUL Clip Overlay Hinge 170° £0.51

With a classic design and practical, reliable functionality, Blum slide on hinges are an excellent choice for both standard and special applications.

Blum slide on hinges are very simple to assemble and attach with a combined slide on and screw fix assembly that makes them very secure and stable. A full three dimensional adjustment capability means that you won't need to worry about any gaps, and the boss cover will effective conceal rough drillings to give you a flawless finish.

Available in a variety of angles, you'll be able to find the right hinge for any project - and of course, Blum hinges can be combined with an angle stop to create a unique angle and prevent doors from slamming into units, even in the most unusually shaped units.

With over sixty years of innovation, Blum are a highly sought after brand with a strong reputation for excellence and high standards. Their products are designed and engineered to last, meaning that you can offer your customers the very best possible end products.

Here at Hart Wholesale, we're a specialist supplier to the hardware and manufacturing trades and are very pleased to offer a wide range of Blum products at excellent wholesale prices, alongside a great range of items from other high-quality suppliers and manufacturers.  We pride ourselves on our fantastic range of products, so make sure that you browse the rest of the site for any other fittings, fixtures, tools or even packaging that you may require.

If you'd like further information on our range of Blum slide on hinges or if you'd like to make an order, why not call us on 01702 614044 to speak to a member of our friendly team.