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HI9551008BLUM TIPON Magnetic Keep for Doors£0.22
HI956.1002BLUM TIPON Plunger for Doors£2.06
HI956.1004BLUM Tip-on for DoorsFrom £2.71
HI956.1201BLUM Tip-on adapter plate for DoorsFrom £0.63
HI956A1004BLUM TIPON Plunger for DoorsFrom £3.53
HI956A1006BLUM TIPON Plunger with BumperFrom £2.78
HI956A1201BLUM TIPON Adapter PlateFrom £0.63
HI956A1501BLUM TIPON Adapter Plate£0.45
HI955A1002BLUM TIPON Plunger for Doors£3.35

Blum Tip On Hinges for Doors

When designing kitchen furniture, it is vital that ergonomic design is considered; after all, it is one of the busiest rooms in any household. At the same time, of course, you want to create furniture and fittings that are aesthetically pleasing. Blum tip on for doors is an excellent way to achieve this, allowing you to design beautiful handle-less cabinet and cupboard doors which work effortlessly.

The innovative design of Blum tip on hinges makes them an ideal solution for minimalist and sleek, ergonomic designs - no handle is needed, instead the Blum tip on door simply opens with a touch. This also makes them ideal for use in compact designs, as you don't need to worry about the depth of protruding handles and can thus make better use of the space.

Using Blum tip on for doors means that you can create desirable and attractive cupboards and cabinets with a smooth, ergonomic surface to their door, perfect for the most modern of designs. This is also a boon to hygiene in the kitchen, as there will be no nooks and crannies around the handle where bacteria and germs could be harboured.

Please note that Blum tip on hinges cannot be combined with Blumotion technology.

Contact Us for Blum Tip on Doors & Hinges

Hart Wholesale offer all the parts you need to use these innovative hinges in your next project, including plungers, adapter plates and magnetic keeps, all available separately or as a standard set and, as with all our products, offered at excellent wholesale prices.

For more information about Blum tip on for doors, or even if you need advice on how to install and use Blum tip on hinges, please contact our friendly and helpful team. Don't forget to browse the rest of the site for any other fixtures and fittings you might need!