Smart Solutions for New Developments

By Martin Hart on Tue 03 March 2020

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When you're fitting out a new development you've got a great opportunity to create amazing spaces from a blank canvas. Getting the finishing touches right is so important, especially in the competitive housing market. Offering your clients smart solutions and innovative design is a great way to stand out. At Hart Wholesale, we have a range of smart solutions for homes, from handles to hinges. Check out these smart design solutions for your next project...

Antaro Draw Systems

Our Tandembox Antaro draw systems have been a huge hit with both professionals and homeowners. With a minimalist, modern design and a range of size, style and finish options, the Antaro Draw systems are perfect for creating unique storage solutions in any space. The kitchen is always a focal point of any new development and choosing smart, well-designed finishing touches is so important. With unique space-saving ideas and smart, well-designed systems, no matter how small or large, you can create a great kitchen with plenty of storage space for your clients. We've got everything you need to create the perfect smart kitchen with our range of Blum Tandembox Antaro products.

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LED Tape

Lighting is so important in a new development, and making a small apartment seem bright and airy is the ultimate challenge. Our smart bright LED tape is a great way to add light to dark spaces. Available in different lengths, flexible and easy to install, this could be the perfect smart solution to your lighting issues. Whether underneath kitchen cupboards or used to light the edges of a corridor, there are loads of ways you can incorporate some extra light with LED tape. If you're looking for a fun, interesting lighting solution, we also offer colour changing LED tape, as well as remote controls so if you're trying to create a smart home, this is a great way to add some mood lighting and something different for your clients.

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Blum Hinges

If you're creating a high-end, stylish space, every detail matters. Hinges used to be ugly and large, but now you can choose expertly designed hinges to suit your space. Our wide range of Blum hinges and accessories are versatile and discreet, designed to offer smart solutions and enhanced user experience, they're perfect for high-specification kitchens. The popular Blumotion hinges feature unique soft-close technology so opening and closing drawers will really wow potential buyers.


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